How to Protect and Restore your Vehicle's Paint

How to Protect and Restore your Vehicle's Paint

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It’s a simple fact: Winter in Southern Alberta is hard on vehicles. 

While the blowing snow, fog, early darkness, and slippery roads are all parts of winter driving that we have to deal with, many people overlook another aspect that can cause just as much damage over the long term. Protecting it from the elements.

When your vehicle comes off the assembly line, the paint has a factory sealant on it that is there to protect against the elements – and in turn, against rust and corrosion. In Canada’s harsh weather conditions – constant warming and cooling, wet, heavy snowfalls, massive hailstorms – this coating fades very quickly, and is often not enough to really do the job that it needs to do. Add in the fact that our city’s streets get a liberal coating of salt and gravel to help de-ice them all winter long, and that we wash our cars less because it’s cold outside – now you’ve got a perfect recipe for a failing paint job, which not only look bad, but can mean costly repairs when sections rust away or corrode underneath.

So what can be done about this?

Many places will claim that wax or a simple paint sealant are enough – but that’s what came out of the factory, and they just don’t stand up to the weather or acidic debris like bird waste or tree sap. It’s not enough to keep your car protected down to the metal over the long haul. That’s why we at Allure Detailing Solutions in Lethbridge use the expertly-developed CS-II specialized paint coating.

Not just a flimsy film, our incredible CS-II Paint Protection Coating uses a superior no-wax, no-paste formula that is specifically designed to work with all finishes and varnishes. It uses a combination of polymers and resin to create a thick and durable, yet incredibly tough, layer of protection on all exterior paint surfaces, including alloys. It allows your paint to flex with the temperature, and best of all, it requires no maintenance other than regular washing and yearly clay baring to remove contamination. This coating will not be removed through washing or with chemical cleaners – it’s a lot tougher than that! Only machine polishing will remove it once it has cured.

If you’re still not convinced that will be enough to protect your vehicle –  if you do lots of driving in areas with loose gravel or truck traffic – then take a look at our Paint Protection Film. It’s the most effective method of keeping your vehicle chip- and scratch-free while you’re on the road. Applied to heavily-hit areas like the hood, fenders, mirrors, and pillars, the thermoplastic urethane film has memory cells built in that transfer impact energy over a wider area, meaning that rocks, bugs, and other debris will have far less ability to ruin your paint and shine. It even has a self-healing quality that allows light scratches and abrasions to “heal” out of the film when heat is applied. It also improves your vehicle’s resale value by keeping the front end in great condition for much longer.

We use Durashield as superior optical clarity, ease of installation and warranty. When this film is installed, your car will look like it just rolled out of the showroom for a long time to come!

Now is the perfect time to take action on this, before the really cold weather hits us here in Lethbridge To get hooked up with professional CS2 Paint Protection Coating or Durashield Paint Protection Film be sure to visit Allure Detailing Solutions at 3624 14 Ave North or call us at 403-915-2505. To find out how we can help your car get protected for this winter and beyond!