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Allure Detailing Solutions is your SB3 Coatings Authorized installer in Southern Alberta.

SB3 Coatings is a full line of exceptional quality ceramic coatings that will protect and enhance your vehicle for up to 7 years.

Ceramic Coating from SB3

Have scratches, swirls or faded paint but don’t want to take your vehicle into an auto body shop because they’re not through the paint? Tired of touching up your paint chips yourself and making a mess? We can help.

We don’t cover your scratches and paint issues. We correct them with our professional products, equipment and fully certified staff. We are able to permanently repair heavy scratches and scuffs and bring faded, weathered, sand-blasted paint back to its original factory lustre. Application and preparation time are less than traditional clear coat application, resulting in faster turnaround times and  considerably lower costs. The end result looks, feels, and is as permanent as the factory coating.

Lasting Protection

SB3 products offer lasting paint protection, unlike wax or sealant, that will wash away or break down over time. It is a nano-ceramic coating that forms a permanent adhesion to the paint and can only be removed through abrasion. No chemical you’ll encounter can dissolve the coating.

Protecting your investment is critical to you. SB3 Coatings International has a full range of Ceramic Coatings to protect almost any surface. Our Surface Specialists are factory trained and constantly updated with the latest innovations to help them produce superior results.

A ceramic coating chemically bonds with the paint, creating a long-lasting protective layer. A ceramic coating protects the clear coat layer beneath it. The clear coat layer protects the colour layer of your car, but your clear coat can become damaged and scratched pretty easily. Even light abrasion with the clear coat can cause visible damage; therefore, having a protective layer on top of it is very important. Ceramic coatings protect against UV rays from the sun. Without protection, UV rays can eat away at your car’s paint, causing oxidation and fade. 

How Ceramic Coating can help

Ceramic coating your car will prevent ultraviolet rays from the sun by preventing them from reaching your car’s paint. It is common for a car’s clear coat layer to become damaged by the sun over time if not properly protected. Repairing a faded clear coat is not easy and can be expensive. Protecting your car from sun damage with ceramic coating will keep your paint looking new and glossy for years.

Protects Against Light Scratches and Swirl Marks. The hard, thick layer of ceramic coating will help prevent light scratches and swirl marks. By creating a tough surface on top of your clear coat, it can be more resistant to abrasion, therefore reducing the chances of scratches or swirl marks. Although it helps reduce this kind of damage, scratches are still possible and cannot be fully prevented. Simply, the ceramic coating reduces the likelihood of scratches damaging your paint.

One of the important benefits of ceramic coating when compared to other protective coatings, such as wax or sealants, is how long the coating lasts. While wax and sealants can only keep your paint protected up to 6 months, a ceramic coating will last for years when properly maintained. This is one of the biggest advantages that ceramic coating has over the other protective layers.

An often-overlooked benefit of ceramic coating your car is the way it repels dirt and other substances. A ceramic coating makes your car’s surface very smooth, filling in the imperfections of the clear coat beneath it, making it difficult for dirt to stick to the surface. This means you won’t have to wash your car as frequently.

Even though your car will stay clean for longer, it will eventually need to be washed like normal. Fortunately, a ceramic coating will make it much easier to clean dirt of your car. Since the surface of a ceramic coated car is super smooth, dirt will have trouble sticking to the paint, making it extremely easy to wash off. This will speed up your washes and make it easier to clean every inch of your car.

With a ceramic coating, your car’s paint will have a much deeper and intense glossy shine. The thick and clear ceramic coating will add depth to the color on your car, yielding a long-lasting shine. This is one of the reasons it is popular with car enthusiasts. Also, since your car will stay clean longer, your car’s amazing shine will rarely be hidden behind dirt or other substances.

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