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Our team in Lethbridge has been washing, detailing, polishing and protecting vehicles for years. From a car wash, interior cleaning, fabric and leather care to complete paint and scratch repair, polish, ceramic coating and restoration, we can make your vehicle look amazing.

Call or drop-in today and see what we can do for your new, used, or classic car, truck, SUV, van, boat or even RV.

Interior Detailing Packages Basic Spa Packages Elite Interior Maintenance Premium Package W/ Full Steam
Deep cleaning vents, cup holders, door panels, and jambs*
Clean interior & exterior glass surfaces
Clean and protect all plastics
Spot clean upholstery**
Thorough clean & condition upholstery
Clean door jambs
Cleaning of seat belts
Spot clean headliner***
Thorough clean headliner
Wash trunk & cargo area including spare tire area
Vacuum carpets
Vacuum trunk or cargo area
Vacuum or wipe 1 Set off Mats
Vacuum seats
Steam clean carpet or rubber mats (dress rubber mats)
Steam clean upholstery****
Fabric Guard seats
Deodorize interior of the vehicle

*(Light) cleaning vents, cups holders, door panels and jambs only for Basic Spa Package.
**Upgraded to thorough clean and condition upholstery for Elite Interior Maintenance and Premium Package w/ Steam Clean
***Upgraded to thorough clean headliner for Elite Interior Maintenance and Premium Package w/ Steam Clean
****Upgraded to steam clean upholstery for Premium Package w/ Steam Clean

Exterior Detailing Packages Express Exterior Wash Elite Exterior Wash & Wax
Clean exterior glass surfaces
Professional handwash, rinse and dry
Clean wheels
Clean and scrub fender wells
Windshield ceramic coated (water repellent treatment)
Clean door jambs
Clean and protect plastics
Clean exhaust tips
Hand apply polymer sealant

Give your vehicle quality care and conditioning both inside and out with our Premium Detailing Packages!



  • Shampoo with Steam clean (carpets, seats, floor mats, trunk)
  • Full vacuum including trunk
  • Clean windows (inside and out)
  • Cleaning and conditioning of door jams and rubber around the doors
  • Vents are cleaned and deodorized
  • Clean vinyl panels + dashboard + compartments including ashtray
  • All those little nooks and crannies get attention
  • Cleaning of the headliner
  • Same day service
  • Hand wash and microfiber hand dry
  • Tire shine with rim polish and wheel well
  • High speed power polish and wax
  • Clean and condition exterior vinyl
  • Clean inner door seams

Package Includes

  • Complete Interior Detail Package
  • Complete Exterior Detailing Package
  • Condition leather and apply fabric protection
  • Engine shampoo
  • Fall out & clay bar paint decontamination
  • Single stage power polishing
  • Headlight restoration and polish
  • Paint restoration (high speed polish)
  • Paint protected with a rich, glossy and durable sealant. Lasts 3-6 months

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Protect Your New Car!

Enhance your paint, protect your interior and your investment.

New Vehicle Protection Package
100% hand wash
Claybar treatment to remove bonded contaminants
Removal of any left over adhesive from factory protective tape
Ceramic paint protection that lasts up to two years
Coat of high-quality wax to add depth, shine and extra protection to the paint
Wheels are cleaned
Tires are dressed
Thoroughly vacuumed interior
Leather seats are cleaned and conditioned with a superior product with a durability rating of one to two years
All interior plastics are cleaned and protected with a special conditioner that doesn't leave sticky and glossy residue

At Allure Detailing Solutions, we utilize boutique-quality products and the latest technologies from around the world to offer a truly unique exterior detail service. Our passion for quality and service will shine through no matter which detail package you find most suitable. For the perfectionist, we can give your car a “better-than-new” shine and clarity that will really blow your mind. Just give us a call and say, “make it perfect.”
With locations in Lethbridge and Taber, we’re ready to hand wash, wax, polish, protect, shampoo and get into the hard-to-reach places, making your vehicle look great. Call us today!

Exterior Detailing Package car

Did you know…

  • We offer weekly or bi-weekly detailing maintenance services
  • We have special rates for fleet customers
  • We sell gift certificates (No refunds on gift certificates)
  • We are fully licensed, insured and certified

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